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The right place for personal advice, sale or renting of various quality radio and tv reception systems, satellite receivers and dishes. We install and maintain Internet via Satellite systems for both permanent setups as well as temporary setups, like on events.

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Because of our extensive experience we can offer Expats many possibilities in the field of TV, Internet and telephony. For the best possible solution for your situation you can also make an appointment.

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Whether it comes to TV via satellite or the internet. For prepaid TV, we offer various options. Satellite receiver software update support and other technical services like installation or system repairs at your place. Pay TV subcription posibilities and smartcard activation service. In our shop you can see, hear and compare many different systems. We can also keep you informed about the latest developments in technologies as well as in the area of regulations.

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For support on the CD Smartcard such as activating / reactivating the card. We can also give technical advice for many hardware solutions.

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Hiberband May. 2019 Hiberband is the first Low Power Global Area Network (LPGAN), offered by Hiber. Hiberband delivers global connectivity for sensor and Internet of Things (IoT) related devices at affordable cost, by launching our own satellite network. This makes our service the first truly global IoT network.

Hiberband works as follows:
  1. The modem receives data from the sensor
  2. The modem is in sleep mode (hibernation) until a satellite passes over
  3. The modem wakes up and communicates and transmits the data to our satellite
  4. The satellite stores all collected data
  5. Once in view of a gateway, the data is forwarded back to Earth
  6. From here, the messages are processed and stored for pickup or forwarded to the systems of the owner